Apartment Building Dumpsters

Apartment Owners Who Use a DUMPSTER:

It is the responsibility of apartment owners who have a dumpster to adhere to the trash manage- ment guidelines shown to the right. Apartment owners who have a dumpster are legally respon- sible for managing the bulk trash, garbage, recyclable material and hazardous waste gener- ated by the property. They are responsible for providing adequate capacity and frequency of emptying, and for keeping the area around the dumpster free of spilled garbage and litter. They are also responsible for legally positioning their dumpster within a dumpster enclosure, except when specifically exempted by the City of Fort Lauderdale’s dumpster enclosure ordinance, and for maintaining the dumpster enclosure in good operating condition. In accordance with the law, dumpster enclosure gates must be closed at all times except for when a tenant uses them to access the dumpster or when the contractor opens the gates to empty the dumpster. After each use, tenants who use the dumpster should close the access gate(s). After each emptying, the dumpster contractor should close the access gates. Ultimately, however, the property owner is responsible for the dumpster enclosure being closed except during emptying. The dumpster contractor has responsibilities, too, according to the law, which requires them to provide containers that are in good condition and to spray the dumpster with sanitizer after emptying them.

FORT LAUDERDALE’S MONTHLY BULK TRASH REMOVAL PROGRAM is for City customers only. Private Trash cart or dumpster contracts do not include bulk trash removal. Property owners with private cart or dumpster service must call their vendor and pay an additional fee for bulk trash removal.


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