City Trash Removal Service

Guide for All Homeowners and Small Apartment Owners who Subscribe to City of Fort Lauderdale Trash Removal Services:

It is the responsibility of owners of single family residences, and multi-family residences of three or less units who subscribe to the City of Fort Lauderdale’s trash removal service to adhere to the trash management guidelines shown to the right. Each and every property owner is legally responsible to manage the bulk trash, garbage, recyclable material and hazardous waste generat- ed by their property. That responsibility necessi- tates a certain amount of expense and time. For homeowners and small apartment buildings served by the City of Fort Lauderdale’s trash removal services, the expense is already built into your city utility bill. By virtue of your subscription to the City’s trash service, you are entitled to weekly pick up of your yard waste cart(s) and recycling bin(s), bi-weekly pick up of your garbage cart(s) and monthly pick up of your bulk trash. Although the monthly bulk trash pick-up is often referred to as “free”, it is, in fact, pre- paid by city trash removal subscribers. Thus, only city trash removal subscribers are eligible to use the city’s monthly bulk trash pick up pro- gram. You can determine if you have city serv- ice because the City of Fort Lauderdale name and logo would be imprinted on your trash and yard waste carts. To maintain a good appearance for our neighborhood and set a good example for our fellow homeowners and renting resident neighbors, it is crucial that these carts and bulk piles be put out at the street only on the days authorized, and that the carts be brought back onto our property and out of public view for all but the officially designated pick up times. By law, our carts must be stored behind a fence, screened from view by a fence or lattice, or kept as far from from the street as the front facade of your building. The first step for Riverside Park to get out from under trash is for every home and small apartment owner to attentively abide by their proper trash management requirements. When we do, we will begin to restore a stan- dard of community cleanliness, and our civic association will be able to more effectively work with the city to enforce the trash violations at the larger apartment complexes.


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