Past Accomplishments

Listed below are just but a few of the contributions that the Riverside Park Residents’ Association (RPRA) has been able to accomplish:

Arena Site Relocated

Lobbied against the creation of a new arena at I-95 and Broward to prevent adverse traffic/noise impact

Crime Reduction and Increased Security

Effectively reduced crime & burglary rates and zoning & safety violations in the neighborhood by working with police & civic officials, and by encouraging neighborhood vigilance and resident communications

Increased Standard of Living

The past efforts and improvements made by individuals and the working Board of the Riverside Park Resident’s Association have provided today’s homeowner with higher than average increases in home value, and have ensured future residents of a more viable, beautiful and safe in-town neighborhood

Landscaping for Stranahan High School

Obtained grant funds and partnered with the City & School Board to install trees, replace fences, and install curbing and drainage to improve the environment for both the students and the neighbors

Neighborhood Master Plan 1987

After many months of hard work and tedious coordination with the city, RPRA was able to put together a complete master plan for the neighborhood and that led to many of the accomplishments on this page

Neighborhood Preservation

Instrumental in changing City Commission representation from at-large to a district system for improved influence in preserving residential character

New Park Pavilion and Community Center

Influential in convincing city to replace the old dilapidated pavilion with a new Community Center

Reduced Zoning Density

Lowered the neighborhood average zoning density to retain tree canopy and reduce future congestion

Street Closures and Traffic Reduction

First neighborhood in Ft Lauderdale to close off side streets to create “defensible space” and discourage crime

West Expansion of I-95

Lobbied FDOT to change alignment of I-95 expansion towards the west to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood

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