Private Trash Removal Service

Apartment Owners who Subscribe to a PRIVATE Trash Removal Service:

It is the responsibility of apartment owners who subscribe to a trash removal service other than the City of Fort Lauderdale’s to adhere to the trash management guidelines shown to the right. Apartment owners who use these private trash removal vendors are legally responsible for man- aging the bulk trash, garbage, recyclable materi- al and hazardous waste generated by their prop- erty. That responsibility necessitates a certain amount of expense and time. Trash removal fees paid to a private contractor, such as Waste Management, Public Waste Services, Southern Waste Services, etc. only include garbage cart service — not bulk trash removal. Subscribers to any trash service other than the City of Fort Lauderdale’s must schedule each and every one of their bulk trash pick ups with their contractor and pay a separate fee for each bulk trash pick up. Property owners under contract with private trash removal vendors may not use the city’s “free” monthly pick ups. You will know that you do not have city trash service, and therefore are not eligible for “free” monthly pick ups, if the City of Fort Lauderdale’s name and logo are not imprinted on your trash and yard waste carts. If you are a tenant at an apartment building served by a private trash contractor, and you find that the capacity of the carts, or the frequency of bulk pick up are inadequate, inform your landlord or property manager of the problem. It is ultimately the landlord’s responsibility to provide the renters in his or her building with adequate, properly managed waste disposal.

FORT LAUDERDALE’S MONTHLY BULK TRASH REMOVAL PRO- GRAM is for City customers only. Private Trash cart or dumpster contracts do not include bulk trash removal. Property owners with private cart or dumpster service must call their vendor and pay an additional fee for bulk trash removal.


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