Riverside Park Code Enforcement Priorities

For the purpose of improving the safety and quality of life of all residents, the Riverside Park neighborhood advocates the uniform application of the following Life/Safety and Quality of Life code enforcement priorities:

#1 Priority – Life/Safety

We request immediate and decisive response to code violations that present an immediate threat to the life and/or safety of our residents. Examples:

  • Fire hazards
  • Exposed electrical wiring
  • Open septic/sewage systems
  • Missing balcony and stairway railings
  • Smashed glass and other dangerous debris
  • Dumpsters leaking festering liquids
  • Unsecured ditches and pits
  • Unsecured abandoned buildings
  • Open water-bearing vessels, stagnant swimming pools, and other mosquito-breeding environments
  • Conditions of deterioration that present hazards such as sagging barbed wire, heavy windows propped open with sticks, and doors ready to fall off their hinges

#2 Priority – Quality of Life

We request general and steady attention to code violations that compromise neighborhood quality of life by being in public view, causing lowered property values, or indicating deterioration or lack of required maintenance. Examples:

  • Accumulation of trash and garbage
  • Dumpster enclosure and trash cart violations
  • Illegal density (illegal conversions)
  • Barren or overgrown land (absence landscaping)
  • Abandoned cars and boats
  • Egregious structural setback violations
  • Chronically standing storm water
  • Sign ordinance violations in public view
  • Conditions of deterioration that do not present immediate hazards, but indicate badly failing maintenance, such as advanced cases of peeling paint or building rot, obviously deteriorating roofs, and grotesquely cluttered yards and carports

The Riverside Park neighborhood considers correction and prevention of the foregoing violations a top priority that warrants the full-time attention of the code enforcement team. Consequently, we do not advocate nor actively encourage the investment of City resources in the pursuit of non-dangerous and inconsequential technicalities, such as non-permitted safe and attractive landscaping, setback of storage buildings, and other out-of-view items.

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